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Foresight &

Foresight is the single most important skill of the resilient organization. Our scenario-based foresight and strategy services were created specifically to assist organizations in charting their own course no matter the business climate or competitive landscape.


Technology now underlies virtually all successful organizations. We help organizations of all sizes and in all markets understand their technology needs and flourish through technological planning and innovation.


For all organizations. and especially SMBs, complying with regulations is often the biggest concern and the largest pitfall. Handle credit cards? We've mastered PCI. Run a medical practice? We know HIPAA. Use email lists or collect user data? We understand GDPR and CAN-SPAM.

Coaching & Mentoring

We coach more than we consult. We mentor more than we train. We work with you to master the fundamentals and excel as a manager and leader. Consultants train but coaches demand accountability, progress, and commitment.

About Us

Urban Foresight helps organizations find their mission, create their path, understand their markets, leverage design thinking, innovate through technology, and navigate regulatory compliance. Creative, independent, forward-looking thinking since 2008.


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